Smart Watch Repairs

smart watch repairs
Fixing all your smart watch issues

Time waits for no one but what if your smart watch stops? Don’t fret, we are here to fix your issues.

Join hundreds of customers who have happily got their smart watches repaired at LIM-GSM in Croydon.

What we can fix:

Software issues

If the watch is not installing updates or not pairing with your phone and you are experiencing issues troubleshooting the cause, we at LIM-GSM can help you fix the software issues. Our repair process is backed by a six-month warranty, terms and condition applies.

Screen replacement

The most common cause of screen damage on a smart watch like Apple iWatch or Samsung Gear is accidental damage, unlike traditional watch, smart watches are mini gadgets on your wrist with a lcd screen that is prone to breaking easily when you mistakenly knock your hand to an object.

When such accidents happen, you can count on LIM-GSM to come to your rescue, we can fix your Apple iWatch glass or full screen replacement same day at a very competitive rate.


Our passion and broad understanding of electronics gives us the advantage to troubleshoot the most complex issues like watch getting restarted constantly without any data loss.

Touch not working

You are dependent on your watch to view the notifications and text back especially when you are in meetings where it is not possible for you to use your phone. With touch not working, half the purpose of having a smart watch is wasted as touch is the only way to fully operate the functions on a smart watch.

Connection issues

Inability to connect your smart watch to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can be very frustrating. With either of this connectivity, it is impossible to synchronize your health and fitness data to your phone or getting direct notifications pushed from your phone to your watch. This could be due to a certain operating system error which our experts can check and fix it for you.

Battery malfunction

Are you having issues with your battery not staying up the entire day? Bring it to us and we can get into the root of the problem, we can fix or replace your smart watch battery in a matter of minutes for great performance.

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